Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe

"The whole shape is dynamic,It sits low to the ground and has tight proportions."Ian Cameron.Chief Designer

A Powerful Presence
The most driver-orientated model in the Phantom family, the Phantom Coupé is a sleek and seductive combination of classic proportions, powerful presence and breathtaking detailing.
"The driving dynamics of Phantom have always come as a surprise to customers and we wanted to underline that ability visually with a Coupé bodystyle," continues Cameron. "As well as hard engineering changes, the design adds glamour to the outstanding drivability that's inherent in all our cars."
Developed from the 101EX experimental car and inspired by the Phantom II Continental of the 1930s, the Phantom Coupé is a celebration of sporting style and glamour.

A Driver-Focused Approach

From the tyres up, the Coupé is the most driver-focused Phantom ever built. It's based on the same lightweight aluminium spaceframe as the rest of the family and shares the same V12 engine. But with a shorter wheelbase, greater rigidity and new gearbox tuning, it is more agile and dynamic.
The electronics of the gearbox can be adjusted at the touch of a button, making the car feel more responsive to the driver and giving more feedback from the road. All this effortless ability doesn't compromise the comfort and luxury of this modern take on the classic Grand Touring Coupé

Dynamic Exterior,Sublime Interior

The sporting credentials of the Coupé are evident at first glance - the powerful profile and low-slung carriage give an instant impression of strength. The purposeful look is made more powerful by the 21" alloy wheels and visible exhausts.
Inside you will find a calm interior that makes any journey as rewarding for the passengers as the driver. Featuring high-gloss veneers, wide expanses of soft full-grain leather and chrome fittings, it is a pleasure to be in. The optional Starlight headlining adds a little more magic - an array of 1,600 hand-placed, fibre optic lights create the illusion of a star-filled night.