Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 COMES 2011

Whats People??2010 Closing To End Of  The Year.
I Have A Lot Been Sweet And Bitter Memories In My Life.
So Many Things That I Ever Done Before.
Never Regret Anything That Has Happened In My Life.
It Cannot Be Changed.
Undone Or Forgotten So Take It As A Lesson Learned & Move On.
I Hope It Will Be Memories For The Rest Of My Life.
2011,Here I Come,My Wish Is I Want To Be A Good Guy And A Lot Of People To Be Care & Loved.
And Also I Want To Be Smart People,Rich And The Good Things.
Bubye,Memories 2010.
Hello 2011.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Showtek @ Euphoria By Ministry Of Sound,Malaysia

We asked for a running pose they gave us the below kungfu pose instead. lols

Showtek a hardstyle dance act from Netherland returned to KL for a second gig at Euphoria by MoS yesterday night. All the pre-sale tickets were SOLD OUT!

FYI, They are #1 Hard Dance Act in the world, with other accolades like Best Hard Dance Track, Best Compilation, Best Artist Album and sold out solo gigs all over the globe.

The crowd went crazy! I haven't seen anything like this since Steve Aoki last May!

Showtek are two brothers, Wouter & Sjoerd Janssen (the bald one).

They spinned mainly original stuff of theirs...Super catchy but you you wouldn't want your mom to hear you singing along to, like Puff Green Dutch Stuff, Dutchie, Here We Fucking Go,Raver,Partylover(Sydney Remix), Analogue Players In A Digital World,Rockchild etc.

The duo kept the hard beat slamming...

Climbing up the deck to get closer to fans. The one thing he didn't do is dive into the crowd. :)

Here comes the big party.

The show ended about 3am..Both of them ended up on top of the DJ console.The crowd was begging for more but the was the end.

Fans had oppurtinity to take photo with showtek outside the club.Thanks to Euphoria!

What a night!It was a hardstyle alright!My ears still ringing on the next day from the sonic blast!

Friday, December 17, 2010

AKu Nak Ketawa Sepuas-Puasnya

Hello Pembaca Blogger Semua.
Hari Ini  Saya Amat Bosan Sangat.
X Tahulah Kenapa??
Hari Ini Saya Nak Ketawa Sepuas-Puasnya
Coz Saya Amat Tergelak Apabila Saya Membaca Post Kat Fb,Blog Dan 
Mcm2 Social Network Yang Ada Nie.
Sumpah,Mmg Aku Nak  Ketawa.
Tapi X Apelah,Sebab Aku Pon Dah Lame X Ketawa Sorang2 Nie.

Monday, December 13, 2010

How To Seduce A Gemini Man

So there is a wonderful Gemini man that has caught you eye… are you patient enough to deal with him? They are two halves of the same coin, hating something one minute and finding something to love about the next. Gemini are naturally curious and always seek new information or new adventures. They are divergent and can change their minds at any second and every second. To deal with this you will need to be flexible and might want to consider keeping your opinions to yourself.

The key element to understanding a Gemini man is letting the air sign in him be free. Allow him to be as open and free as he needs. If you don’t he will run far and run fast if you try to keep him tied down. He is rather independent and needs to be able to go his own way. If you are strong enough then let him do what he wants to do, when he wants to do it. All you need to do is make sure he knows that you are there for him at all times… that you can be home.

Gemini men are intelligent, flexible and adaptable. If you want to attract one, you will need to embody these same traits. Ask him out, suggest an activity date. They are energetic and love to be on the go. With a Gemini you need to mentally stimulate them as well as keeping up with them physically. Great date ideas might involve hiking or biking and if you are bold maybe a game of basketball. They love to party. Maybe you know of an upcoming party that will be lively and upbeat? Keep your game fresh and new and you’ll have your Gemini man hooked.

You ask him out, he says yes… what do you wear? It seems that most Gemini are attracted to yellow. The color yellow is mostly associated with mental processes and intelligence. Yellow, like many bright colors are appealing because they can easily respond to you using their mind first. If yellow isn’t your color, then any vibrant color will do. Just do not dress too flamboyantly or over the top. The stimulating appeal of your clothing will invite them to look further into you and notice all your details. There is one thing you always want a Gemini male to do – act, react then interact.

Gemini men fall in love with their head first. The one on top of their shoulders now… the other one follows later. With that said, you will need to appeal to his mind with interesting conversations. If you know something they don’t about a subject they care about, then you will instantly captivate them. They love to talk about everything including their selves and their opinions. You need to listen and have another topic ready for when the conversation dries up. Avoid lulls in conversation! Gemini men love to have fun and love to laugh. Keep conversations light and goofy but keep a lot and varying topics of conversation at hand. Remember: stimulate their mind, the one above their shoulders

Once you wrangle the beast that is their fleeting attentions, you can move on forward in your seductions. Gemini men love a flirtatious partner and love to be the center of attention. You can flatter and flirt then compliment him; you will have him in the palm of your hand. Present yourself with an air of complexity and mystery. Gemini love puzzles and impulsiveness, so the trick is for you to become a puzzle for them. You have layers and depth wrapped up in a sexy package that they need to piece together and create the picture. Do not mention commitment in your flirtations, keep them in the present situation. Let it be about what can happen when you two go home, not what will happen if you get a ring.

Gemini men do not need a huge emotional connection to have sex making it fairly easy to get into their bed. They do not need a confirmation of your love and devotion first. What a Gemini male needs and will appreciate is bold and… let us be frank… kinky behavior. Feel free to be adventurous! Ride that cowboy in reverse outside on his back porch if you dare or try every position in the Kama Sutra. Tell him how much love it or how much harder you want it. He loves the dirty talk and the attention. If you ever get stuck, Gemini men are notorious for enjoying oral sex. Then again… aren’t most men? None the less, their free and independent nature flows very well in the bedroom too. Be up for new sexual positions and create plenty of opportunity to explore them.

If you are working him for the long haul, do not ever and I mean do not ever, ever let him know you are working him for the long haul. He will run. Fight or flight was probably in part inspired by their nature. Variety and space are the keys in keeping your Gemini male. Often surprise him with a small gift or hidden handwritten notes. Do things together that promote future outings without it seeming as you are building a relationship like taking cooking or language classes or traveling somewhere neither of you have been. You are satisfying both his sense of curiosity and keeping him entertained all the while keeping you in his loop.

This mission, should you choose to take it, will be a fun one. Gemini men are a lot of work but you can get so much out of them. They do not stray, unless they are bored. They always seem to know a little bit about everything so you will always learn something. They like new things so you get to see so much that is around you. They are vigorous and stimulating, positive and happy and want to share it with someone. That someone could be you.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

EUPHORIA by Ministry of Sound presents The Return of SHOWTEK


Ministry of Sound - EUPHORIA & Twilight of Dance presents...

The Return of SHOWTEK

The #1 Hard Dance Act in the world alongside Best Hard Dance Track, Best Compilation, Best Artist Album and sold out solo gigs all over the globe – SHOWTEK have conquered the world and they are set to F*** the System with their second appearance in town this December 17th!

Opening set by BASS AGENTS


<< PRE-SALE >>

Cover Charge: RM48 + 1 drink

Bottle Reservation:
RM390.00 for 1 bottle – Admits 5 pax
RM780.00 for 2 bottles – Admits 10 pax

Book Online Now

PRE-SALE tix are now available at Ministry of Sound - Euphoria and from now till 16th December 2010.


Cover Charge: RM68 + 1 drink

Bottle Entry:
RM390.00 for 1 bottle – Admits 4 pax
RM780.00 for 2 bottles – Admits 8 pax


<< Door Policy >>
18 years and above
* VALID PHOTO ID REQUIRED (NRIC / Driver's License / Passport / International Student Identity Card only)


For reservations and table bookings, please contact
RSVP: +603 7495 1786 / +603 7495 1789
* reservation line opens from 10am to 7pm (Mon - Sat)


Email us at


Main Room
Club Hours – 9.30pm onwards

The Deq
Happy Hours – 5.00pm – 9.30pm
Clubs Hours – 9.30pm onwards

EUPHORIA by Ministry of Sound
Sunway Lagoon Resort
Persiaran Lagoon
Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya

SingTel Presents ZoukOut 2010 - Official Event Page of ZoukOut


||||||||| ♫ THE FINAL LINE-UP!! ♫ |||||||||


Tanda 100 Hari Sebelum Mati.


Ini adalah tanda pertama dari Allah SWT kepada hambanya dan hanya akan disedari oleh mereka yang dikehendakinya.
Semua orang Islam akan mendapat tanda ini cuma samada mereka sedar atau tidak sahaja. Tanda ini akan berlaku lazimnya selepas waktu Asar . Seluruh tubuh iaitu dari hujung rambut sehingga ke hujung kaki akan mengalami getaran atau seakan-akan mengigil. Contohnya seperti daging lembu yang baru saja disembelih dimana jika diperhatikan dengan teliti kita akan mendapati daging tersebut seakan-akan bergetar.

Tanda ini rasanya lazat dan bagi mereka yang sedar dan berdetik di hati bahawa mungkin ini adalah tanda mati maka getaran ini akan berhenti dan hilang setelah kita sedar akan kehadiran tanda ini. Bagi mereka yang tidak diberi kesedaran atau mereka yang hanyut dengan kenikmatan tanpa memikirkan soal kematian, tanda ini akan lenyap begitu sahaja tanpa sebarang munafaat. Bagi yang sedar dengan kehadiran tanda ini maka ini adalah peluang terbaik untuk memunafaatkan masa yang ada untuk mempersiapkan diri dengan amalan dan urusan yang akan dibawa atau ditinggalkan sesudah mati.


Tanda ini juga akan berlaku sesudah waktu Asar. Bahagian pusat kita akan berdenyut-denyut. Pada ketika ini daun yang tertulis nama kita akan gugur dari pokok yang letaknya di atas Arash Allah SWT. Maka Malaikat Maut akan mengambil daun tersebut dan mula membuat persediaannya ke atas kita, antaranya ialah ia akan mula mengikuti kita sepanjang masa.

Akan terjadi Malaikat Maut ini akan memperlihatkan wajahnya sekilas lalu dan jika ini terjadi, mereka yang terpilih ini akan merasakan seakan-akan bingung seketika. Adapun Malaikat Maut ini wujudnya cuma seorang tetapi kuasanya untuk mencabut nyawa adalah bersamaan dengan jumlah nyawa yang akan dicabutnya.


Adapun tanda ini akan diberikan hanya kepada mereka yang diuji dengan musibah kesakitan di mana orang sakit yang tidak makan secara tiba-tiba ianya berselera untuk makan.


Pada ketika ini akan terasa denyutan di bahagian tengah dahi kita iaitu diantara dahi kanan dan kiri. Jika tanda ini dapat dikesan maka berpuasalah kita selepas itu supaya perut kita tidak mengandungi banyak najis dan ini akan memudahkan urusan orang yang akan memandikan kita nanti.

Ketika ini juga mata hitam kita tidak akan bersinar lagi dan bagi orang yang sakit hidungnya akan perlahan-lahan jatuh dan ini dapat dikesan jika kita melihatnya dari bahagian sisi. Telinganya akan layu dimana bahagian hujungnya akan beransur-ansur masuk ke dalam. Telapak kakinya yang terlunjur akan perlahan-lahan jatuh ke depan dan sukar ditegakkan


Akan berlaku sesudah waktu Asar di mana kita akan merasakan satu denyutan di sebelah belakang iaitu di kawasan ubun-ubun di mana ini menandakan kita tidak akan sempat untuk menemui waktu Asar keesokan harinya.


Akan berlaku keadaan di mana kita akan merasakan satu keadaan sejuk di bahagian pusat dan ianya akan turun ke pinggang dan seterusnya akan naik ke bahagian halkum. Ketika ini hendaklah kita terus mengucap kalimah syahadah dan berdiam diri dan menantikan kedatangan malaikat maut untuk menjemput kita kembali kepada Allah SWT yang telah menghidupkan kita dan sekarang akan mematikan pula.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Breakfast (Buat Relax Je).wmv

yeahh,i like this songs.Caprice.
the video was fucking awesome.
yesterday,watching the video.
then,i downloading the video.
is very nice video.
Buat relax je.
Caprice keep it up.