Thursday, October 28, 2010

Final Exam.

Fuhhh,tinggal lagi 3 paper je..
After that,merdeka...
mmg best sgt2...
Lpas Final,x tahu ape nak buat???
Exam,this year was freaking bad 4 me..
banyak tembak wok jawapannye...
takutlah pulak bile time result.keluar..
Hope,This final will be 3 pointer above..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

09.10.10-10.10.10 CRAZY DAY

09.10.10-10.10.10 Crazy Day At Penang.
Me And Walao 4 the 1st time coming to Penang.
Penang is the best place with the beautiful poeple.
Then,Go To KMPP Surprised Amira Zaharah.
Walao Very excited that day.
meet  Amira Zaharah.
mcm dah setahun x jumpa.
People At KMPP Very nice and intelligents.
I like it..
after that,chill at Jusco Penang.
Very nice movie..
5 star weii...
The Next day,We go to Island.
naik feri yaww...
fuhhh,mmg best.
pengalamn yg x boleh dilupakan.
After arrived at the island.
we go to Bukit Feringghi.
Play at the beach.
beach at the sunset very good.
with bikini people..
woot woot.
me and the rest enjoy all night long.
Thank Guys,4 da enjoy.
Walao,u are the Crazy People I have ever made.
Totally insane.
at the end of the day,u make me smile.
thanks walao,sygss kao ketat2.